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Dékor Kolor in Pregnancy & Newborn’s Fall 2013 Buyer’s Guide

Image010314153517Image010314153455Add a Splash of Kolor to the Nursery, more on page 68 in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine’s popular Buyer’s Guide. Choose your Kolor, Soft Pink, Soft Blue, Sage Green, Black, Gray or of course traditional White.




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New Parent Magazine and Dékor Kolor


Do you read New Parent Magazine? It’s a biannual really informed magazine with a Spring/Summer and a Fall/Winter issue. It is the essential guide for expectant mothers; good information. The website is if you want to check it out!


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Getting Ready for Potty Training? Read’s Excellent Article!

My Carry Potty by Regal Lager & Bambino Mio Training Pants
by: Tina Buell


I’m going to be real with you, public bathrooms give me the heebie-jeebies and I dread when my son has to use one because he still sits down to pee. No matter how many toilet seat covers I layer on, my son always finds a way to inadvertently slide the covers over or off when I lift him on the seat. Seeing his cute little tush or his sweet little hands come in contact with public bathroom surfaces makes me cringe every time! If you’re a mother whose potty training, you can probably relate to my public potty anxiety.

For mothers who are potty training, experts suggest keeping a portable potty in the car. As such, when I stumbled across My Carry Potty by Regal Lager, I thought, “Ah ha! I need that!” Unlike some portable potties, My Carry Potty does not require the purchase of separate bags to hold pee and poop and at $29.95; My Carry Potty is priced right.

My Carry Potty comes in three cute colors; yellow, pink, and blue. Its compact design and plastic handle resemble a purse, a plastic purse you poop in! (giggle) The seal on the potty is watertight and odor proof. Prior to use, I filled up the potty with water and shook it hard; indeed, there was no leaking. My Carry Potty is also light weight. A toddler can carry this potty with absolutely no effort.

Recently, on the way home from Mexico, Montezuma’s revenge struck my son with a vengeance. My poor little guy had to use the airplane bathroom five times. OMG, the horror! After a five hour flight, the airplane bathroom was disgusting and it was awful having to help my son use it. It was such a gross experience, that from now on when we fly; I’m giving our My Carry Potty to my son to hold as his official carry-on bag. I would have killed for our My Carry Potty at that moment in the plane.

So here’s the catch, when my son was younger, he wouldn’t use our My Carry Potty because it’s much smaller than the Baby Bjorn potty he’s used to at home. For this review, the actual testing of this product was performed by Miss Savannah (age 3). Lovely Savannah had no qualms about giving our My Carry Potty a go. Now that my son is older, he’s more willing to use our My Carry Potty, so don’t be discouraged if your child is reluctant to use the potty at first.

TIP: If you have a large child, My Carry Potty may not be the best choice for you. It’s a travel potty so it’s meant not to take up a lot of space. I can’t imagine a large child sitting comfortably on it.


*Photo by Bambino Mio Training Pants


In general, diapers contain polymer powders which absorb urine into the diaper and away from your child’s skin. As diapers are designed to keep skin dry, it’s hard for a child who is potty training to know when they’ve had an accident.

Bambino Mio Training Pants are soft cotton underwear with a waterproof layer sandwiched in between its outer and inner layers. If your child has an accident, Bambino Mio’s absorbent inner cotton layer soaks up the pee but the fabric still feels wet against your child’s skin. The wet sensation signals to your child that they’ve had an accident. At the same time, Bambino Mio’s waterproof backing prevents the urine from soaking through the training pants and on to your child’s clothing.

My son tested a size large in white; other color options include pink and blue.

Sizes run:
Small – 24 – 29 lbs
Medium: 29 – 35 lbs
Large: 35+ lbs

These training pants run large. I recommend buying one size down because regardless of how absorbent they are, if the undies aren’t snug around your child’s thighs, they’re going to leak everywhere. I’ve found the best use of these training pants is to put them on my son before he goes to bed since he still experiences accidents about twice a month.

The cotton material is soft and washes well. They’re also easy for my son to pull up or down without assistance. This is a great product if you order the right size.

I received a complimentary My Carry Potty and pair of Bambino Mio Training Pants to complete this review but all opinions are my own.

Tina Buell is Trekaroo’s Northern California Destination Specialist, single mom, and mother to a constant ray of SONshine.

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