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Potty Training with My Carry Potty

It’s a new year and maybe some families are seriously starting to think potty training!

Posted on January 2, 2014 by MICHELLE MARIE AREAN

If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to potty train your little one, we have a product that might help you get the job done. The My Carry Potty was invented and designed by a mom for moms to help with potty training. It’s made from high quality, durable plastic, it’s assembly free and ready-to-go. It clips shut and is completely leak and odor proof. Since it doesn’t use disposable bags, it’s great for the environment too. DSCN4532If your a mom on the go, this will be your saving grace. It’s easy to take with you to grandma’s or even a day of running errands. There’s no need to fear the pubic restrooms for your little one with My Carry Potty. But it’s still a great option for potty training at home too. Amanda Jenner, the creator of My Carry Potty came up with the idea when potty training her eldest almost 10 years ago. Her son would only go potty in his own potty, which required her to take it everywhere in a carrier bag. When she was out shopping one day and had to dispose the contents down a drain in a busy street, the disapproving looks got her thinking for a better solution. Ten years later, she has what she believes is the perfect product to successfully help you through potty training.

You can view a video by clicking here: My Carry Potty

As you begin your potty training journey, here are a few tips from Jenner for potty training your little one.

When’s the Right Time to Start?

• As with most aspects of child development there is no ‘right’ time. It’s what is right for your child.

• However, the physical ability to recognise the need to go to the toilet typically kicks in around the age of 2 as this is when their bladder size increases.

• At this age children are able to follow simple instructions and understand them. Remember each child will mature at different rates.

The signs they are ready

 • Look out for longer periods of dryness

• Your child insists on being changed the minute they’ve gone potty.

• Your child becomes aware of their own bowel movements.  They

  might start pulling faces, going quiet or even taking themselves off

  somewhere private when they need to go or are going.

• Recognising the words ‘poo’ or ‘potty’ helps

• Its not good if there is a new baby in the family or if you have just moved home.

• Warmer weather is is a good time because they can run around in their pants so its easier for them to go without lots of layers of clothing.

runningChoosing a potty

 • Take your toddler with you to choose their own potty. This makes it a fun occasion and gets them involved. It gives them a sense of ownership.

• Also let them choose their own ‘big girl’ or ‘big boy’ pants. Favourite characters are always a winner!

Where to put the potty

 • Put the potty in the room they spend most of their time or the bathroom

• Let them choose where to put it as it makes them aware of its place

• Let them get used to the idea and practice them sitting on it


 • Place your child on the potty the minute they wake up each morning and make this

   part of their daily routine

• Try to stick to the same words eg. ‘Let’s go to the potty’ or ‘poo’ or ‘wee’.  They’ll begin to recognise and associate these words with the action.  You can even make up a fun potty training song!

• Get used to clock watching.  Give your child the chance to use their potty 20 minutes after every drink to minimise accidents

• Make washing hands a non negotiable part of the toilet routine from day one. Make sure soap or hand wash is easily accessible even for the littlest people!


• Try and find a good potty training book  and read it to your child  as a bedtime

   story this will help take the mystery out of potty training and turn it into an adventure to be enjoyed


• Rewards are very important once potty training begins

• Buy a reward chart. Children love reward charts especially when they can place the stickers on it themselves

• Its important not to become upset with children if they have an accident as they are bound to happen!

Out and About

 • Always take their potty everywhere so the child will feel secure knowing they have

  it with them at all times

• Fewer accidents will happen especially when you’re out and about

• Notify their nursery school so all staff are aware they are potty training and always pack spare clothes just in case

What are one of your New Year’s Resolutions? Is Potty Training on your list? 



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Getting Ready for Potty Training? Read’s Excellent Article!

My Carry Potty by Regal Lager & Bambino Mio Training Pants
by: Tina Buell


I’m going to be real with you, public bathrooms give me the heebie-jeebies and I dread when my son has to use one because he still sits down to pee. No matter how many toilet seat covers I layer on, my son always finds a way to inadvertently slide the covers over or off when I lift him on the seat. Seeing his cute little tush or his sweet little hands come in contact with public bathroom surfaces makes me cringe every time! If you’re a mother whose potty training, you can probably relate to my public potty anxiety.

For mothers who are potty training, experts suggest keeping a portable potty in the car. As such, when I stumbled across My Carry Potty by Regal Lager, I thought, “Ah ha! I need that!” Unlike some portable potties, My Carry Potty does not require the purchase of separate bags to hold pee and poop and at $29.95; My Carry Potty is priced right.

My Carry Potty comes in three cute colors; yellow, pink, and blue. Its compact design and plastic handle resemble a purse, a plastic purse you poop in! (giggle) The seal on the potty is watertight and odor proof. Prior to use, I filled up the potty with water and shook it hard; indeed, there was no leaking. My Carry Potty is also light weight. A toddler can carry this potty with absolutely no effort.

Recently, on the way home from Mexico, Montezuma’s revenge struck my son with a vengeance. My poor little guy had to use the airplane bathroom five times. OMG, the horror! After a five hour flight, the airplane bathroom was disgusting and it was awful having to help my son use it. It was such a gross experience, that from now on when we fly; I’m giving our My Carry Potty to my son to hold as his official carry-on bag. I would have killed for our My Carry Potty at that moment in the plane.

So here’s the catch, when my son was younger, he wouldn’t use our My Carry Potty because it’s much smaller than the Baby Bjorn potty he’s used to at home. For this review, the actual testing of this product was performed by Miss Savannah (age 3). Lovely Savannah had no qualms about giving our My Carry Potty a go. Now that my son is older, he’s more willing to use our My Carry Potty, so don’t be discouraged if your child is reluctant to use the potty at first.

TIP: If you have a large child, My Carry Potty may not be the best choice for you. It’s a travel potty so it’s meant not to take up a lot of space. I can’t imagine a large child sitting comfortably on it.


*Photo by Bambino Mio Training Pants


In general, diapers contain polymer powders which absorb urine into the diaper and away from your child’s skin. As diapers are designed to keep skin dry, it’s hard for a child who is potty training to know when they’ve had an accident.

Bambino Mio Training Pants are soft cotton underwear with a waterproof layer sandwiched in between its outer and inner layers. If your child has an accident, Bambino Mio’s absorbent inner cotton layer soaks up the pee but the fabric still feels wet against your child’s skin. The wet sensation signals to your child that they’ve had an accident. At the same time, Bambino Mio’s waterproof backing prevents the urine from soaking through the training pants and on to your child’s clothing.

My son tested a size large in white; other color options include pink and blue.

Sizes run:
Small – 24 – 29 lbs
Medium: 29 – 35 lbs
Large: 35+ lbs

These training pants run large. I recommend buying one size down because regardless of how absorbent they are, if the undies aren’t snug around your child’s thighs, they’re going to leak everywhere. I’ve found the best use of these training pants is to put them on my son before he goes to bed since he still experiences accidents about twice a month.

The cotton material is soft and washes well. They’re also easy for my son to pull up or down without assistance. This is a great product if you order the right size.

I received a complimentary My Carry Potty and pair of Bambino Mio Training Pants to complete this review but all opinions are my own.

Tina Buell is Trekaroo’s Northern California Destination Specialist, single mom, and mother to a constant ray of SONshine.

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My Carry Potty in BC – Baby Couture Magazine

My Carry Potty featured in BC Magazine Fall 2012

Best Friend when Potty Training

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The Baby Planning Expert’s Potty of Choice

Premier Baby Planning ….. Bump and Beyond reviews the “Magic Carry Potty” including the brand new book “George & Hollie and the Magic Carry Potties” – a fun bedtime story book making potty training a fun adventure.

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The My Carry Potty – a Wacky Product That Actually Works

These crazy finds are convenient!

9 of 13

my carry potty crystal

My Carry Potty

The My Carry Potty takes the Porta-Potty to the next level. It’s perfect for when you’re traveling with baby – and don’t worry about messy spills, it has a rubber seal and clip-shut lid. Okay, so we bet most of you aren’t going to spring for the $1,000 Swarovski crystal-covered carrying case, but we just had to show you. $32 at

Photo by Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Bump

See More: Baby Gear , Parenting Styles


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My Carry Potty – A Travel Must-Have for Kids on

Being Prepared for any emergency is the key to a happy vacation for all. That’s why in-the-know parents never leave home without My Carry Potty. The perfect size for little ones to carry on their own and use in a pinch, you can stash it in the car trunk or overhead during flights. is an influential “women’s lifestyle” site with close to 4 million unique visitors per month. @GloMSN has close to 4,000 followers on Twitter.

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Inventor of My Carry Potty named prestigious “Fab Woman”

Name: Amanda Jenner
Age: 37

Family members:
Husband: Darren Jenner, Director of his own bespoke furniture company
Children: George 14, Hollie 13, Olivia 5

Previous Career: Restaurant owner – it was a very popular bistro called BH13 in Bournemouth. We used to do 80 covers a day and I loved it.
I guess I’ve always had an entrepreneurial streak!

What is the name and nature of your business?
I’m the creator of the multi award winning My Carry Potty travel potty, which has grown into a thriving international business.
Our potty is now stocked in over 300 retail outlets in the UK including in xx, in 1000 stores in the US and is exported to 28 countries worldwide!

I’ve also written a book: ‘George and Hollie and the Magic Carry Potties’, which has been designed as a fun bedtime story adventure to take the fear out of potty training for little children. It also contains lots of hints and tips for parents and a free reward chart and stickers.

What inspired you to start it?
It wasn’t a light bulb moment that inspired me to start my business – it was a red faced moment! As any parent knows, when a potty training toddler (and in particular a little boy) has to go, they have to go NOW! That’s what happened to me when I was out shopping with my eldest child George one day. Faced with an emergency I had no choice but to whip out a potty and use it on the pavement. Then with no nearby convenient place to empty the contents I had no choice but to pour them down a drain in the road, well aware of the disdainful looks of shoppers around me! The shopping trip came to an abrupt end with me close to tears.

I went home and started sketching designs straight away, convinced that there had to be a better, more discreet way of dealing with a scenario that happens time and again during the already traumatic potty training period.

After months of sketching, focus groups, research, prototypes and testing, My Carry Potty was born and it’s been a whirl wind ever since with demand sky high from day one.

How does it fit in with family life?
Being a working mum, whether you’re working for someone else or working for yourself is always going to be a huge juggling act. However there are definite advantages to working for yourself to promote a product you passionately believe in:

You’ll undoubtedly work harder than you’ve ever worked before, but because it’s for something you 100% believe in those midnight laptop
sessions are a bit less painful!

You can be flexible about your working hours and can choose to work from home which has meant I’ve never had to miss an important
occasion, like a sports match, nativity play or first day in my children’s lives

Ultimately it’s all about balance. If I’ve had a week of blitzing work or have been abroad securing new distribution deals I’m strict about setting aside proper quality time with my children (and husband!) straight after. Those times are about us as a family and the iphone is banned!

Biggest learning curve so far?
Getting to grips with the figures behind the business. Unless you have a true understanding of your costs and margins you can so easily end up like a hamster in a wheel – working tirelessly without seeing the rewards. It’s also hard striking the balance between being ambitious for your business and not over stretching yourself. If you want to grow your business rapidly and there’s the demand to do that you have to make sure you surround yourself with strong teams that you trust so that you don’t compromise the quality of the product you’re offering.
Most positive experience?
Hearing the buyer of a big retail name say they want to stock your product is a buzz I’ll never tire of, but what gives me the biggest high is when
I see a My Carry Potty being used and blessed by parents in an everyday situation.

I was on a flight recently where one of the toilets was out of action resulting in long queues and waits. I saw a father using the My Carry Potty with his daughter and it was so discreet and easy for them. I saw another parent clock it too with real envy.
That’s when I feel real pride – when I realise my invention has answered a genuine need.

Where would you like to be in five years time?

I’d love to see the My Carry Potty business continue to grow rapidly so that it’s accessible to parents wherever they are! We’re hoping to double our export figures over the next two years and we’re also constantly refreshing the range with new contemporary colour ways and styles.

Since inventing the My Carry Potty I’ve also learnt a huge amount about potty training in general and have been shocked to learn of the trend towards delayed potty training (the age of potty training has risen in the past 30 years in Britain from 2 years to 3.5 years). This trend has got hugely damaging environmental, social and even educational implications (with a growing number of children even entering our school system not fully toilet trained).

Since last year I’ve been working on setting up ‘Potty Training Academies’ with nurseries and have been blown away by the positive response we’ve had to our pilot programme. Rolling the My Carry Potty Potty Training Academies out on a national basis will be a big focus over the coming years….

What advice would you give to other mothers hoping to combine motherhood with a new business idea?

Only take a product to market you passionately believe in. You’ll live, eat, breathe and probably even dream about it for years so you need
to believe in it 100%!

Immerse yourself in your market. Social networking is a great way of doing this. I spend at least an hour a day on Twitter and Facebook.
It keeps me in touch with the trends and I have a constant dialogue with my customers so I know what they like and what they’re looking for
which is gold dust.

Be aware of what a tough market it is. If you’re inventing a product for the nursery market, it sounds basic but visit baby shows, go to
shops like John Lewis, Mothercare and Babies r Us and check their stock and go online and do your research. It’s a tough enough market
when you’ve got a genuinely unique product, so don’t even contemplate financially backing a product until you know it’s significantly different
or better than what is already out there!.

Don’t take your family for granted. Love your business but love your family more.

Be prepared to get down and dirty! I tested every single potty from our first ever container of 3000 to make 100% sure
there weren’t any leaks.

Invest in good childcare. If you trust the person who is looking after your children when you can’t, it’ll give you the headspace
you need to focus on your business.

Enjoy it! You work hard for every success so consciously revel in those moments. They’re what it’s all about.

For more information about My Carry Potty go to:

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