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Potty Training with My Carry Potty

It’s a new year and maybe some families are seriously starting to think potty training!

Posted on January 2, 2014 by MICHELLE MARIE AREAN

If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to potty train your little one, we have a product that might help you get the job done. The My Carry Potty was invented and designed by a mom for moms to help with potty training. It’s made from high quality, durable plastic, it’s assembly free and ready-to-go. It clips shut and is completely leak and odor proof. Since it doesn’t use disposable bags, it’s great for the environment too. DSCN4532If your a mom on the go, this will be your saving grace. It’s easy to take with you to grandma’s or even a day of running errands. There’s no need to fear the pubic restrooms for your little one with My Carry Potty. But it’s still a great option for potty training at home too. Amanda Jenner, the creator of My Carry Potty came up with the idea when potty training her eldest almost 10 years ago. Her son would only go potty in his own potty, which required her to take it everywhere in a carrier bag. When she was out shopping one day and had to dispose the contents down a drain in a busy street, the disapproving looks got her thinking for a better solution. Ten years later, she has what she believes is the perfect product to successfully help you through potty training.

You can view a video by clicking here: My Carry Potty

As you begin your potty training journey, here are a few tips from Jenner for potty training your little one.

When’s the Right Time to Start?

• As with most aspects of child development there is no ‘right’ time. It’s what is right for your child.

• However, the physical ability to recognise the need to go to the toilet typically kicks in around the age of 2 as this is when their bladder size increases.

• At this age children are able to follow simple instructions and understand them. Remember each child will mature at different rates.

The signs they are ready

 • Look out for longer periods of dryness

• Your child insists on being changed the minute they’ve gone potty.

• Your child becomes aware of their own bowel movements.  They

  might start pulling faces, going quiet or even taking themselves off

  somewhere private when they need to go or are going.

• Recognising the words ‘poo’ or ‘potty’ helps

• Its not good if there is a new baby in the family or if you have just moved home.

• Warmer weather is is a good time because they can run around in their pants so its easier for them to go without lots of layers of clothing.

runningChoosing a potty

 • Take your toddler with you to choose their own potty. This makes it a fun occasion and gets them involved. It gives them a sense of ownership.

• Also let them choose their own ‘big girl’ or ‘big boy’ pants. Favourite characters are always a winner!

Where to put the potty

 • Put the potty in the room they spend most of their time or the bathroom

• Let them choose where to put it as it makes them aware of its place

• Let them get used to the idea and practice them sitting on it


 • Place your child on the potty the minute they wake up each morning and make this

   part of their daily routine

• Try to stick to the same words eg. ‘Let’s go to the potty’ or ‘poo’ or ‘wee’.  They’ll begin to recognise and associate these words with the action.  You can even make up a fun potty training song!

• Get used to clock watching.  Give your child the chance to use their potty 20 minutes after every drink to minimise accidents

• Make washing hands a non negotiable part of the toilet routine from day one. Make sure soap or hand wash is easily accessible even for the littlest people!


• Try and find a good potty training book  and read it to your child  as a bedtime

   story this will help take the mystery out of potty training and turn it into an adventure to be enjoyed


• Rewards are very important once potty training begins

• Buy a reward chart. Children love reward charts especially when they can place the stickers on it themselves

• Its important not to become upset with children if they have an accident as they are bound to happen!

Out and About

 • Always take their potty everywhere so the child will feel secure knowing they have

  it with them at all times

• Fewer accidents will happen especially when you’re out and about

• Notify their nursery school so all staff are aware they are potty training and always pack spare clothes just in case

What are one of your New Year’s Resolutions? Is Potty Training on your list? 


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