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Our Bambino Mio and My Carry Potty Sweepstakes Winners!

We have randomly selected winners from the Bambino Mio and My Carry Potty Sweepstakes valued at $700!








Our lucky winners are:

  • Christina W. – Birth to Potty Set
  • Allie S. – Nappy Set
  • Mary P. – My Carry Potty and George and Hollie and the Magic Potties
  • Patience M. – Miosolo
  • Tina S. – Training Pants

We want to send a warm congratulations to our winners and thank everyone who participated. This certainly won’t be the last giveaway we’ll be doing, so stay tuned!

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My Carry Potty on Celebrity Baby Blog

My Carry Potty

How many times have you been happily playing at a park, the beach — or anywhere else without a bathroom, for that matter — when all of a sudden, your potty-training toddler has to go. Like, right now! We’ve all been there. And sometimes a tree just doesn’t cut it. Enter the My Carry Potty ($33) — a small, portable case that turns into a mini potty in a snap. Not only is it super convenient, but it’s also designed so it doesn’t leak or let out odors. So whether you’re just running errands or taking a long family trip, it’s a great option. Because when they’ve got to go, they’ve really got to go. Read more…

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