Potty to Go! Hear all about it from Twiniversity – the expert on potty training with multiples

Natalie Welsh Diaz, Founder of Twiniversity, and mom of twins herself, is holding the “Bling” version of My Carry Potty, covered by Swarowsky crystals.


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My Carry Potty on Celebrity Baby Blog

My Carry Potty

How many times have you been happily playing at a park, the beach — or anywhere else without a bathroom, for that matter — when all of a sudden, your potty-training toddler has to go. Like, right now! We’ve all been there. And sometimes a tree just doesn’t cut it. Enter the My Carry Potty ($33) — a small, portable case that turns into a mini potty in a snap. Not only is it super convenient, but it’s also designed so it doesn’t leak or let out odors. So whether you’re just running errands or taking a long family trip, it’s a great option. Because when they’ve got to go, they’ve really got to go. Read more…

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Rated by Mom likes My Carry Potty!

Have a Potty Training Princess?

Do you have a potty training princess that needs a throne to pee pee in? This My Carry Potty w/ 3000 Swarovski crystals might just do the trick! It just screams Suri Cruise, doesn’t it?!?

Oh, a $2,000+ potty is a bit pricey for a #1 and #2 catching device? Not to worry, you can purchase a regular, no-Swarovski crystals My Carry Potty for much cheaper. This is a no-leak potty to take on-the-go!

For more information on the My Carry Potty, visit their website HERE.

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Lascal Buggyboard Maxi Review


Lascal is the maker of BuggyBoard which is an attachable platform that lets an older child stand and ride on the stroller. This is a great solution if you have two that need a stroller but don’t want the bulk of a double stroller or don’t always need the option of pushing two children. Read more…

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Dékor is a Cribsie Finalist!

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